Seduction Sirens


Sirens offers group classes on seduction, each on a specific topic ranging from creating your seductive persona to building attraction to maintaining a favorable relationship balance. Classes are taught at intimate venues such as lounges or studio space, and are in lecture or seminar format with time at the end for questions & answers or even one-on-one work depending on class size.


The coaches of Sirens are available for private sessions to cover the topics of seduction that are most relevant to you. During your session with the coach of your choice, you will discuss your personal goals and devise a plan to cover the areas that will be most beneficial to you. Sessions can take place in private (much like a therapist session) or in field (in a public place where a coach can advise you on your interactions with potential targets).


Sirens coaches are available to those living outside New York City through phone coaching sessions. A phone session operates much like a regular private coaching session with the exception of the ability to do work in field.


Sirens also offers group classes to private parties for women who want to learn about seduction in an environment where they are amongst their own friends. You will be able to choose the topic from our roster of classes, suggest a new topic (subject to coach’s discretion), or simply invite a coach to hold an open forum for discussion. You may provide the space, or Sirens can arrange for a studio space.